The Warning

You may have heard about the car collision we had this past Wednesday evening. My husband and I, with our two sons in the back of our Dodge Ram, were unable to stop in time for a huge dead tree which had fallen directly across the roadway in front of us. Veering left, our vehicle came to a sudden and violent stop dead centre of a hydro pole. Live wires swung into nearby foliage where leaves and twigs subsequently began to burn. The force of the impact whip-lashed my husband and I, while our two kids in the back, although securely belted, smacked their heads on the backs of our seats. Although the Ram may be irreparable, the four of us walked away relatively unscathed. The Lord saw fit to let us live on this earth for another day.

What I didn’t mention was the warning.

Just a few minutes earlier as we were driving home-ward, we came to a 4-way intersection. Coming from the direction of the fallen tree was a single pick-up truck. As our headlights shone into his cab, I saw his hands wave hesitatingly in front of his chest. Let me say that again. I saw his hands, not his arms, moving without excitement or fear but with hesitation in front of his chest. There was no stop sign, so we continued forward. I told my husband what I had seen the man do. He slowed down and, believing that the man may have been in trouble, he doubled back to see if he could help. By the time we returned to the intersection, he was gone.

We subsequently continued our journey home. After cresting the top of the next hill and descending on the other side, our headlights illuminated the massive tree that completely blocked our path.

As I sat in the back of the ambulance with my kids, shaken, nauseated, but vastly relieved and grateful to the Lord for our lives, I thought back to that truck driver. I realized: clearly he had been trying to warn us. But had he bothered to call the fire department about the tree and remain on scene shining his lights on it so others would see it until the fire truck arrived? Why didn’t he honk his horn at us, or jump up and down, or yell, or flash his lights, or all of the above? Why didn’t he wait a little bit longer for us to turn around and talk to him so he could tell us about that tree that was blocking the road ahead? I confess that in that moment, I had no kind thoughts toward that man.

And so I ask you: are you like that truck driver? When you see the countless unsaved in your daily life, what kind of warning do you give them? Do you wave your hands a little bit? Do you hesitatingly give them the gospel message, hoping that you won’t offend them, hoping that they don’t think you’re unintelligent, hoping that you don’t lose your job at the expense of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Do you start a conversation about your Lord and Saviour only to back down or disappear when their questions get too difficult or too uncomfortable for you to answer? What do you do?

Are you the type to walk away from a dead and dying lost sinner, leaving her to Satan, or do you call in the authorities? If you don’t have the wherewithal to get her saved, why not call someone who does? Why not get on your knees in prayer for her and wait with her until a minister of the Word arrives? Do you softly suggest that she might be in trouble, whispering the possibility that she’s headed to hell, or do you shout from the mountaintop the salvation of Jesus Christ?

Do you stand firm in your faith, claiming to all that will hear that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, is your Father, Saviour, and King? Do you stand in the roadway wearing all your armour, quenching all the fiery darts of the wicked one, cutting and handling the Word of God deftly, with precision, accuracy, and deadly force? Do you daily don the helmet of salvation, knowing and intuiting with complete clarity that yours is the kingdom of heaven? Do you wear the belt of truth? Are you grounded in the Word, in sound doctrine, with the Holy Spirit as your intellectual shield, able to repel and dismantle the lies of the devil? Is your breastplate impenetrable because you walk in righteousness, godliness, and honesty? What’s on your feet? What are you prepared to do for the Lord, who did everything for you?

You have nothing to fear from other women in your life. You have nothing to lose, but they have everything to lose. You are weak, but the Spirit within you is strong. You are fallen, but the Spirit within you is Life. You are wretched, but the Spirit within you is glorious. You are weary, but the Spirit within you is comfort, joy, and peace.

Go find a woman you love and give her a proper warning.

Thanks for reading. Paige

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