Paige on the Apostate Church

Paige Coleman takes a hard look at today’s church and asks why it has promoted female empowerment over godly submission.

Paige and her husband believe that when Paul says women should be silent in the church, he means that women should be silent in the church. If we are to believe that this means anything other than what it says, we are accusing God of being a liar. God has said that He is not a liar, that His Word is truth, that the holy men of God who wrote it were inspired by the Holy Ghost, that it is perfect, able to make us perfect, and that the words therein are tried by fire, which means that they are both pure and holy, never falling to the ground as being either unfulfilled or irrelevant.

If you are a Christian woman, ask yourself today, “What do I believe to be true?” We either believe the Bible is true in its entirety, as God says it is, or we don’t. We subsequently make conscious decisions to either obey it, or not. How far are you willing to go in order to please your Father in heaven? Are you more faithful to the vain philosophies of men than you are to the truth and power of God’s Word? In what way has modernity and feminism rendered the Bible irrelevant to the way you behave in your church? Pray about it. Instead of asking God to confirm what you want to do, ask Him to reveal to you what He wants you to do.

Thanks for reading!


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