The Purpose of this Blog

Peter and I have already received many questions about DWSD. Rather than dedicate this blog to mindless drivel pertaining to the uninteresting and mundane (!), we've decided to use it to answer some of those burning questions that you all ask!

While it is certainly not our intention to incite strife or cause tumults in the church, we recognize that the Biblical truth tends to meet with quite a bit of resistance and controversy. Unfortunately, we live in a society that elevates tolerance and relativity over truth and reason. As a result, our views are seen as offensive and controversial. We understand that the Bible is not for everyone. The kingdom of heaven isn't for everyone, either. While it is on offer to us all, few are willing to enter that most holy place clad in the precious garment that has been washed by the blood of Jesus. What a privilege it is for us – the saved in Christ – to enter in unwaveringly and without compromise through the straight and narrow gate and what an onus of responsibility is on us to love our sisters in Christ enough to tell them the truth about the way to enter that gate! Let's walk in truth together as we examine what God's Word says to women.

We hope you'll join us as we answer our first question next week: "What are the snares of death"?

Thanks for reading!



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